Skills Analysis

Skills Analysis

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Main Tasks

Please indicate in the below list which training courses would be of interest to you or to others within your organisation

Career Development

Critical Thinking(Required)
Creative Problem Solving(Required)
Crisis Management(Required)
Creating a Great Webinar(Required)
Public Speaking(Required)
Personal Productivity(Required)
Improving Self-Awareness(Required)
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done(Required)
Managing Personal Finances(Required)
Interpersonal Skills(Required)
Change Management(Required)
Body Language(Required)
Anger Management(Required)
Managing Workplace Anxiety(Required)
Emotional Intelligence(Required)
Increasing your happiness(Required)
Attention Management(Required)
Improving Mindfulness(Required)
Work-Life Balance(Required)
Time Management(Required)

Microsoft Training

Word 2016 Essentials(Required)
Word 2016 Expert(Required)
Excel 2016 Essentials(Required)
Excel 2016 Expert(Required)
PowerPoint 2016 Essentials(Required)
Access 2016 Essentials(Required)
Outlook Essentials(Required)

Sales & Marketing

How to Sell(Required)
Marketing Basics(Required)
Customer Service(Required)
Customer Support(Required)

Supervisory & Management

Supervising Others(Required)
Motivating your sales team(Required)
Team Building for Managers(Required)
Leadership and Influence(Required)
Risk Assessment and Management(Required)
Business Acumen(Required)
Delivering Constructive Criticism(Required)
Coaching and Mentoring(Required)
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